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Jetzt die neue Kollektion entdecken und hier bequem & sicher online shoppen Find black art online-Annie Lee! Charles Bibbs, Wak, etc Fan Kuan painted a 206.3 cm (about 6.75 feet) landscape known as the Travelers among Mountains and Streams, which is considered one of the finest monumental landscape paintings by a Chinese artist. It also became a model for later Chinese painters. Fan Kuan based the painting on the Daoist principle of becoming one with nature Home >> Art >> Painting >> Chinese Fans . A hand-held fan is a rigid or folding device used throughout the world since ancient times for cooling, air circulation, or ceremony and as a sartorial accessory. The Chinese character for fan (扇) is etymologically derived from a picture of feathers under a roof The history of Chinese fan can be dated to over 3,000 years ago, around the Shang Dynasty (C.16th-11th BC). The typical composition used in fan painting could be seen in many landscape.

Painting decoration remains one of the most important parts of the Chinese folding fan, and actually one of the easiest ways to differentiate between a Chinese and Japanese folding fan is to look at the painting on the face of the fan since Japan and China have distinct painting styles Chinese Fan Art & Fan Culture. In ancient times, Chinese used plant leaves or bird feather as a fan to create a breeze in summer. This was the most primitive form of the fan. The first real fan was made back in the era of Yao and Shun thousands of years ago. The fan has constituted an important part of Chinese art and culture since then

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Materials for Chinese painting. Generally, Chinese painting is drawn on the rice paper. But in the fans, porcelain, bowls and dishes you also find the beautiful Chinese pictures when you shopping in the tourist shopping streets or eating in some special restaurants. Besides, the Chinese pictures are also drawn on the silk, screens, even on many. Suoirblss Set of 4 Elegant Vintage Chinese Fan Dancing Fan Traditional Painting Round Hand Fan Classic Palace Paddle Hand Fan. 3.8 out of 5 stars 3. $13.57 $ 13. 57. Get it as soon as Mon, Aug 9. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Only 15 left in stock - order soon Large Folding Fan with Chinese Traditional Painting,Bamboo Fabric Hand Fans,with a Fabric Sleeve, for Performance,Decorations and Gifts,13inch (Mountain&Water) 4.5 out of 5 stars 58. $12.66 $ 12. 66. Get it as soon as Fri, Aug 6. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon

ANTIQUE SIGNED CHINESE FAN PAINTING SCHOLARS IN PAVILION LOTUS ARE ROSES $850.00. $25.00 shipping. or Best Offer. 10 watching. SPONSORED. Vintage Chinese hand painted silk woven paper signed Stamp Floral & Bird - 1057. $149.00. $9.90 shipping. or Best Offer The Chinese character for fan is ideogrammatically composed of the characters for 'door' and 'feather' . Specific concepts of status and gender were associated with types of fans in Chinese history. During the Song dynasty, famous artists were often commissioned to paint fans. The Chinese dancing fan was developed in the 7th century The history of Chinese painting can be compared to a symphony. The styles and traditions in figure, landscape, and bird-and-flower painting have formed themes that continue to blend to this day into a single piece of music. Painters through the ages have made up this orchestra, composing and performing many movements and variations within this tradition 2018-7-27 - Explore Kennandsmith Gallery How to st's board Fan of Chinese painting 扇面中国画, followed by 176 people on Pinterest To make a Chinese fan, start by cutting out a 3-foot by 9-inch rectangle from a piece of thick paper. Then, rotate the rectangle so it's vertical, and mark every 1/2 inch from the top to the bottom. Next, accordion fold the paper along the marks you made, and wrap masking tape around one of the ends to give the folded paper a fan shape

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  1. Widely considered one of the great masterpieces of Chinese landscape painting (in Chinese, literally Mountain and Water Painting), Fan Kuan's Travelers influenced countless generations of painters and still impresses viewers to this day with its sublime depiction of nature. The story goes that Fan Kuan took to the depths of the mountains to observe and learn from nature, and thereby.
  2. Chinese Painted Fan China, Qing Dynasty - Late 18th century. Four Young Girls Playing at the Palace Unsigned Measurements: Frame 60.5 x 43 cm Framed Fan 47.6 x 15.4 cm Condition: excellent condition, no restoration, wooden frame and silk-covered mat. Sold without the stand. Any extra expenses due to your country's customs office will be the responsibility of the buyer. Secure shipping via.
  3. Chinese landscape painting. This is the currently selected item. Mountings: hanging scrolls, handscrolls, fans and the album leaf. Neo-Confucianism & Fan Kuan, Travelers by Streams and Mountains. Liang Kai, Poet Strolling by a Marshy Bank. Liang Kai (attributed), White Egret. Ceramic pillow
  4. A sign behind the artists reads, The demonstrations of fan making and painting have been arranged by courtesy of the Hong Kong Tourist Association & Cathay Pacific Airways. The craftsmen are: Fung Tai, Law Ho (fan makers) and Wong Chi-Sang (painter) whose displays of traditional Chinese skills are popular tourist attractions in Hong Kong's Yee.
  5. Scenes of 12 months in Chinese painting from Qing dynasty (attributed to Tang Dai, Ding Guan Peng) Article by inkston Antique Fans Vintage Fans Or Antique Chinese Design Chinese Style Traditional Chinese Chinese Fans Chinese Embroidery The Royal Collectio
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Antique Chinese Silk & Sandalwood Hand Fan Wang Sin Kee Shop in Shanghai 1940's. $169.00. $12.90 shipping. Antique Chinese Solid Silver Fan with Enamels. China, 19th Century. $3,900.00. $42.00 shipping. 26 watching Haushaltsartikel von Top-Marken zu Bestpreisen. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic Fan Zeng is contemporary Chinese artist known for his mastery of traditional Chinese painting techniques.His works fuse elements of landscape, flower-and-bird, and figure painting, as well as forms of poetry and calligraphy. Born on July 5, 1938 in Nantong, China, he attended the Central Academy of Fine Arts, where he studied painting under Wu Zuoren, Li Keran, Jiang Zhaohe, and Li Kuchan Chinese fans have over time evolved from daily use accessories to important artifacts. You'll even find them depicted in many Chinese paintings. To understand the meaning these fans hold in Chinese culture, we're going to look at the history, what the fans symbolize, the different types that exist, and what they are made of

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  3. Along with Li Cheng and Guan Tong, he is one of the 'three great rival artists' of the golden period of Chinese art. In 2004, Life Magazine rated Fan as 59th of the 100 most important people of the last millennium. Masterpiece: Travelers among Mountains and Streams
  4. g (1470-1559), Zhang Daqian (1899-1983), Fu Baoshi (1904-1965) and Liu Kuo-sung (b. 1932)
  5. There is room for confusion over the category known as Chinese traditional painting. The works in this field range from classical paintings that predate the 20th century through to contemporary paintings, all of which employ in some way age-old themes, materials and techniques

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In the Chinese official historical record of the Song Dynasty (960-1279) it is written that the Japanese monk Chonen gifted folding fans to the emperor of China in 988, which makes the Japanese folding fan an original invention, at a time where most technological learning was going the other way. The popularity of the Japanese fan also. Chinese Fans Vocabulary: Calligraphy: decorative handwriting or handwritten lettering Today we will be making Chinese fans! Each student will receive two pieces of 9x9 paper. These will become the front and backs of your fan. On one side of your fan you will be using calligraphy to write a Chinese character. I have printouts o Fan Kuan's masterpiece is an outstanding example of Chinese landscape painting. Long before Western artists considered landscape anything more than a setting for figures, Chinese painters had elevated landscape as a subject in its own right Tradition has it, folded fans were introduced to China from Japan and Korea about 1,000 years ago. They were usually made with fine paper mounted on bamboo. The scholars found it interesting to paint their poetic and artistic expressions on the surface. A great variety of fans have been produced in China; sandalwood, ivory, even gold, silver.

Our Chinese scroll paintings are all hand-painted on thick rice paper by skilled Chinese artists for a truly authentic look. Handcrafted in China, each Chinese wall scroll is made to be the highest quality for a truly magnificent Asian inspired look. We also carry a superb line of Oriental scrolls, hand-painted in Thailand by master artists There are two styles of Chinese fans, according to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the oval fan and the folding fan. Folding fans depict painted scenes on paper

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Today I'm joining in with some of my fellow bloggers in the Kid Blogger Network to share some fun Chinese New Year crafts for kids! This year we've already shared our Chinese Lanterns and our cupcake liner sheep for the Year of the Sheep and today I'm sharing a simple Chinese fan craft that's super simple to set up and uses a fun way to paint without a paintbrush In ancient times, Chinese used plant leaves or bird feather as a fan to create a breeze in summer. This was the most primitive form of the fan. The first real fan was made back in the era of Yao and Shun thousands of years ago. The fan has constituted an important part of Chinese art and cultur 21 60 90 120 All. Serene, simple, subtle, Asian art- cherry blossoms, bamboo, cranes, love birds, dragons, and more, motifs that have changed little since the Sung dynasty of 10th century China. Hanging scrolls, folding wall & floor screens & decorative fans- art to add an attractive oriental accent to any room in your home 21 60 90 120 All. We offer an attractive collection of Chinese, Japanese, & Thai style decorative Asian fans, crafted from classic wood & mulberry paper, as well as sateen fabric & bamboo. Decorated with acrylics or ink & watercolors, beautifully rendered dragons, peacocks, butterflies, love birds, flowers, bamboo, & mountain landscapes Cowan's Auction House: The Midwest's Most Trusted Auction House / Antiques / Fine Art / Art Appraisal

Unlike many of his contemporaries who broke free from the constraints of traditional Chinese painting, Fan Zeng retained it, mastered it, and infuses his paintings with philosophical and poetic themes. Many of his paintings are of well-known historical Chinese figures. Also talented in poetry and calligraphy, his works often included poems to. Like calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting, or guohua (国画 /gwor-hwaa/), is done using a brush dipped in black ink or colored pigments, usually on paper or silk.The finished work can be mounted on scrolls and hung. Traditional painting has also been done on walls, porcelain and lacquer ware. There are two main techniques in Chinese painting Looking for A Framed Circular Chinese Fan Painting? We have the best deals on A Framed Circular Chinese Fan Painting so stop by and check us out first! Vintage Antiques For Sale. Vintage Antiques and More! Search. A Framed Circular Chinese Fan Painting . $2,000.00. View It on eBay. Ancient China. These fans with poems or paintings on them serve as artistic symbol for social status. The paintings cover a wide range from landscapes, flowers, figures, and so on. In the Qing Dynasty, being widely favored by men of letters, Chinese fan was in full flourish

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  1. Fan Kuan's masterpiece is an outstanding example of Chinese landscape painting. Long before Western artists considered landscape anything more than a setting for figures, Chinese painters had elevated landscape as a subject in its own right. Bounded by mountain ranges and bisected by two great rivers—the Yellow and the Yangzi—China's.
  2. Chinese Fan Craft. This cute Chinese fan makes a good craft for a China theme or perhaps during the summer. Choose a pretty design like our butterflies, or perhaps decorate with Chinese characters for something a little more dramatic! You will need: A piece of paper about 1m by 20cm. Fax paper is ideal (we were fortunate enough to find an old.
  3. 14 Attach a string. As an option, you can attach a string at the base of the handles to keep the fan open or closed. Cut a 10-inch length of string. Fold it in the middle and attach this middle point to the base of one craft stick using a glue gun. String some beads at the ends of the string if you like
  4. The history of the Chinese fan dates back to over 3,000 years ago, around the Shang Dynasty (circa 1600 - 1046 BCE). Named Shanhan, one of the earliest known fans wasn't like the hand-held ones we still see today.These were tied to a horse-drawn carriage and used to block the heat of the sun and shelter passengers from the rain (much like today's umbrella)

Kobe City Museum. Landscape Painting in the East and West, June 7, 1986-July 13, 1986. New York. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Images of the Mind: Selections from the Edward L. Elliot Family and John B. Elliott Collections of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting at the Art Museum, Princeton University, September 18, 1987-January 10, 1988 Moreover, what Chinese fan painting presents is works of art that are there to inspire or awaken the viewer to the expansive beauty of the man-cosmos dichotomy The form of Chinese fans witnessed a significant change during the Han dynasty (202 BC-220 AD) when the guards on the two sides merged into one central axis, usually made of bamboo, supporting a moon-shaped panel. Such kind of fans gained the name wanshan, meaning silk fan, when silk fabric became a popular choice for the panel, but have been more known as hehuan shan or. Chinese Brush Set 5 Mixed Hair Brushes. This set of five brushes for Chinese brush painting is made with a variety of hairs so you have a range of 'soft', 'medium' and 'stiff' brushes. It is a range of softness, really, they are all rather soft. The brushes come in a 32x12cm coated wooden presentation box with a nice clasp, inside a.

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  1. Chinese Fan Clip Art - Royalty Free. Chinese New Year Flat Icon With Long Shadow, Eps10, Chinese Folding Fan Means Win Speedy Success. . Chinese Fan, Vintage Engraving. Pretty Chinese Woman With Fan In Blossom Sakura. Coloring Page. Red Chinese Fan Vector Illustration. Yellow Chinese Fan Vector Illustration
  2. Chinese Fan Craft. This cute Chinese fan makes a good craft for a China theme or perhaps during the summer. Choose a pretty design like our butterflies, or perhaps decorate with Chinese characters for something a little more dramatic! The art of Chinese paper cutting has been prized for many thousands of years. Paper cuts are used for.
  3. It features exponents of all the major genres of Chinese painting, such as landscape pictures, history painting, portraiture, and genre-paintings in most media including paper, silk, hemp cloth, hand-scrolls, fan paintings, and other forms
  4. Fans truly were piece of art. They were decorated and painted and very beautiful as well as useful in warm weather. It was not until the Ming Dynasty that the Chinese discovered the art of paper fan folding. The Chinese invented so many things, including. But they did not invent the folded paper fan
  5. Old Chinese Gilt Gold Hetian Jade Chi Dragon Jade Bi. Quan Rong Gallery. 2 days Left. $699. Vintage Chinese Gilt Gold Hetian Jade Chi Dragon Jade Bi Dimension: 260 x 140 x 26 (mm) 10.24 x 5.51 x 1.02 (inches) Weight 2.29 lbs/1040 g The wooden stand no included
  6. Aug 10, 2018 - Scenes of 12 months in Chinese painting from Qing dynasty (attributed to Tang Dai, Ding Guan Peng) Pinterest. Today. Explore. Antique Fans Vintage Fans Or Antique Chinese Design Chinese Style Traditional Chinese Chinese Fans Chinese Embroidery The Royal Collection

Sale Total: 244,387,500 HKD Sale Number: HK0933 203 lots. 2701. Jiang Hantin Browse 3,866 chinese fan stock illustrations and vector graphics available royalty-free, or search for red chinese fan or chinese fan pattern to find more great stock images and vector art MASTERPIECE : Southeast Asian, Chinese, Modern & Contemporary Art. Masterpiece Auction - Online Spring Auction 2021 - Chinese Fan Paintings XiLingYinShe Auction Co. Ltd. Shanghai | China Jul 25, 2021. 838,186 USD total lots sold value. View all results. Information; Artists.

Scroll painting, art form practiced primarily in East Asia.The two dominant types may be illustrated by the Chinese landscape scroll, which is that culture's greatest contribution to the history of painting, and the Japanese narrative scroll, which developed the storytelling potential of painting.. The earliest illustrative Chinese scrolls, forerunners of the narrative type, date from. Saatchi Art is pleased to offer the painting, Still Life with a Chinese fan, and butterflies, by Aleksandr Platonychev. Original Painting: Oil on N/A. Size is 0 H x 0 W x 0 in

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Chinese painting - Chinese painting - Five Dynasties (907-960) and Ten Kingdoms (902-978): At the fall of the Tang, northern China, ruled by five short-lived dynasties, plunged into a state of political and social chaos. The corrupt northern courts offered little support to the arts, although Buddhism continued to flourish until persecution in 955 destroyed much of what had been created in. History. While archaeologists have found pottery depicting Chinese folk dances dating from about 4000 to 2000 BC, the fan dance is believed to have begun during the Han dynasty. This dates the fan dance to around 200 AD. It was also during the Han dynasty that the first effort was made to collect and preserve the country's folk dances

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Option 2: Plan a specific Design- Think in halves! Or, you could try to make a specific design on the fan. We'll be folding these fans in half, so imagine the paper divided in half and draw two different designs on each half. I also wanted to make a dragon fan for Chinese New year, so I drew this pattern out Fan Kuan creates rocks, trees, and all other elements in the painting through texture strokes and washes. For close up views, click here. [In the guide, below] Do you think Fan Kuan's painting encourages any particular emotional response in the viewer? Fan Kuan (early 11th c.), Travelers Among Mountains and Stream January 28th is the Chinese Lunar New Year and for my Vietnamese family it is Tết . *This post contains affiliate links* I have been talking to my daughter about the upcoming holiday, so over the weekend, we made some crafts to help ring in the New Year. I can remember being a little girl and loving my mother's beautiful hand fans

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Art of Chinese Fans Updated: 2014-11-30 13:15:42 ( ) Print. Mail. Large. Medium. Small. Share on. There were many kinds of fans in ancient China, though only the Zheshan (folding fan) and Tuanshan (round fan) have grown to receive true appreciation from art collectors Beautiful Original Chinese Painting on Silk Duck signed by artist SANAI FINE ART & ANTIQUES $115.00. Chinese painted fan by Li Xiongcai (黎雄才) Bamboo Grove $1,400.00. Chinese Porcelain Plaque Asia of Old $3,795.00. Chinese Stele Stone Ink Rubbing Scroll Quan Yin with Calligraphy June Hastings $1,800.00. Chinese Acrylic on Crumpled Paper. Flat oval fans, such as the one shown on the right, are known from Tang times or earlier. The period dating from the late Northern Song through the Southern Song saw the production of many paintings in this format, which was well suited to the abbreviated, lyrical images prevalent at the time. Chinese painting uses water-based inks and. Chinese fans were invented thousands of years ago. Originally invented to keep flies away and produce a cool breeze, fans picked up popularity in the higher classes. Fans made of silk didn't just keep faces cool--they became part of dances and ceremonies, as well as a silent mode of communication

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Asian Brushpainter is a resource dedicated to Chinese & Japanese Kanji Calligraphy, Chinese Seal Carving, Chinese Brush-Painting & Sumi Painting in the Asian Brushpainter Knowledgebase, Blog and Glossary. We gather a large amount of information related to East Asian brush art which we regularly update and complete to provide you with a forum. The technique behind the painting is so cool too; I am a huge fan of water color. 3 thoughts on Daoism in Chinese Art Nicole Lindsay says: December 4, 2016 at 5:24 am. I enjoyed the pieces of art that you had chosen to analyze for this post. I am not familiar with Chinese art, so I had found this post informative With over 250 exquisite paintings by modern artists to offer, the Fine Chinese Paintings sale showcases an array of distinctive works by Fu Baoshi, Xu Beihong, Huang Binhong, Qi Baishi, and Yu Fei'an. Highlights of the sale are two exceptional Zhang Daqian landscape works painted respectively in elaborate and splash-color styles Cheap Party Favors, Buy Quality Home & Garden Directly from China Suppliers:DIY Blank White Silk Hand Fans with Handle Student Children Hand Painting Fine Art Programs Chinese Palace Round Fan gifts Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return Seals are often used on Chinese calligraphy works and Chinese paintings. Owners or collectors of paintings or books will often add their personal or studio seals to pieces they have collected. This practice is an act of appreciation towards the work. Some artworks have not only seals but also inscriptions or afterwords from the collectors

These female body painting pics are truly amazing and absolutely breathtaking. It is very unimaginable that these gorgeous women are actually naked. You will realize very fast how truly beautiful these women are in this unusual style of artwork. Brittney Palmer and Arrianny Celeste, former UFC Octagon girls shown in these amazing body paint photoshoot [ Chinese Woman and Fan. This painting features a Chinese woman cooling herself with a fan. The artist Mo Nong signing some of his artwork before I took it to my workshop for proper mounting. This painting is not titled, but is signed by the artist, and authenticated with his red signature seal

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Techniques of painting on rice paper have been around for over 2,000 years, and were established in China, Japan and Korea. This ancient method of painting requires considerable practice and patience. Similar to western paintings, rice paper paintings are created in layers Chinese fans, Chinese paper fans, Chinese hand fans, Chinese silk fans, Chinese wood fans, authentic sandalwood fans, Chinese folding fans, Chinese wall fans, Chinese decorative fans, Chinese wall fans, Chinese traditional fans, traditional Chinese hand fans. Free shipping. Excellent quality. Great discounts Xuan brushes (宣笔 Xuān bǐ) are one of the most famous Chinese brush types used for both Calligraphy and Chinese painting. They are called Xuan because they are made in Xuan Cheng, the same area as Xuan paper, so naturally the two are often mentioned and used together. Xuan brushes are recorded in history since at least 23BC and were sent.

Cheap Decorative Fans, Buy Quality Home & Garden Directly from China Suppliers:9.4 13 inch Rice Paper Gold Hand Fan Adult Calligraphy DIY Wedding Programs Chinese Fan Painting Large Folding Bamboo Fan 10pcs Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return Painted Chinese fans date back to 3,000 years ago and continue to thrive today as a traditional art form. Silk fans with paintings by, from left: Chan Lim; Alex Chan Lim; and interactive painting by Alex, Felix, Rolex, and Jolex Chan Lim. Photo by Francine M. Marquez, InterAksyon. The Chan Lim artists, led by its patriarch Jose and son Alex.

Chinese art, vintage nature landscape chinese paintings, Mountains and Pines FINE ART PRINT, china art prints, wall art posters, home decor ArtPink 4.5 out of 5 stars (818) $ 14.99 FREE shipping Add to Favorites wall26 Canvas Wall Art - Chinese Ink Painting Style Landscape - Giclee Print Gallery Wrap Modern Home Decor Ready to Hang. The painting is considered to be the most renowned work among all Chinese paintings, and it has been called China's Mona Lisa. One Hundred Horses(《百骏图》) One Hundred Horses was drawn by Lang Shining in Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Lang was a missionary from Italy with birth name Giuseppe Castiglione

Asian Art, Chinese Art, Antiques & Appraisal Serving San Francisco, CA. Kaminski Auctions is pleased to offer great works of Chinese and Asian art to the San Francisco, CA area. Visit our San Diego or Beverly Hills Chinese art department for great works of Chinese porcelain, ceramics, ivory, jade, paintings, furniture, rhinoceros horn carvings, and bronzes from the Ming and Qing period to the. The V&A acquired its first group of Chinese objects in 1852 and today the collection amounts to approximately 18,000 objects, with examples from all branches of Chinese art including ceramics, jade, metalwork, lacquer, textiles, furniture, sculpture, ivory, bamboo, rhinoceros horn, glass, paintings, manuscripts and prints Author's Bio: As an academic fan from China, I entered the fandom around 2003 when I was still an undergraduate student of Chinese Literature at Peking University.I am currently a PhD candidate at the Department of Comparative Literature at the University of Washington. My dissertation topic is Chinese online fan culture, as well as its relationship with the media and fandoms from Japan and. They post fan art a lot there (The cat real name is smudge btw, and he hates vegetal) 3. Share. Report Save. level 2. Op · 1y. Thank you! I hope Smudge likes it .

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ROCHESTER (MI), MEADOW BROOK ART GALLERY Work Title ROCHESTER (MI), MEADOW BROOK ART GALLERY View Title Chinese Fan Painting Exhibition Work Record ID 141431 Image Record ID 368570 Classification Filing Number 182 R6765 6MB 1 Zeng Fanzhi is a contemporary Chinese painter. View Zeng Fanzhi's 817 artworks on artnet. Find an in-depth biography, exhibitions, original artworks for sale, the latest news, and sold auction prices. See available paintings, prints and multiples, and works on paper for sale and learn about the artist Dr Fan Dongwang is an established Chinese/Australian painter who has a solid training in both east and west, traditional and contemporary art making. He has learned drawing, oils, acrylic and watercolour painting, Chinese portrait, landscape, flower and bird painting, sculpture, wood and ivory carving, photography, calligraphy, illustration. ROCHESTER (MI), MEADOW BROOK ART GALLERY Work Title ROCHESTER (MI), MEADOW BROOK ART GALLERY View Title Chinese Fan Painting Exhibition Work Record ID 141431 Image Record ID 368569 Classification Filing Number 182 R6765 6MB 1 Shop for chinese zodiac wall art from the world's greatest living artists. All chinese zodiac artwork ships within 48 hours and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. Choose your favorite chinese zodiac designs and purchase them as wall art, home decor, phone cases, tote bags, and more

Buy Antique Chinese Paintings & Scrolls and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items. Buy Antique Chinese Paintings & Scrolls and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! FN03/4 floral bird fan shaped - pair Chinese paintings on silk 18½x11/16x8½. 4,466 Oriental Fan clip art images on GoGraph. Download high quality Oriental Fan clip art from our collection of 41,940,205 clip art graphics Chinese Art. Chinese art captures the natural beauty of this mysterious and diverse country. Famous for the technique of ink wash painting, traditional artwork often features landscapes, mountains, flowers and birds. In sharp contrast, Chinese contemporary art embraces bright, bold colours and strong forms. Chinese Art In Chinese culture, bamboo implies promotion step by step. A bamboo painting in your bedroom predicts you will get promoted in career and live a better life and brings good Feng Shui to your love. You can also choose a traditional Chinese painting of flowers and birds for your bedroom. A pair of swallows is the symbol of love Chinese Jar in Yellow Glaze with Floral Hand Painting. $403.00 $259.00. Add To Cart Compare. 9 Blue and White Oriental Rectangular Tea Jar. $79.00 $59.00. Add To Cart Compare. Oriental Art Round Painting in Lacquer and Inlaid. $385.00 $295.00. Add To Cart Compare. Oriental Stone Marble Statue Elephant