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Ancestry of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge 1 Catherine Elizabeth (Kate) Middleton, b.Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading, 9 Jan. 1982 [entry no. 190] m. Westminster Abbey, London, 29 April 2011, HRH Prince William Arthur Philip Louis, Duke of Cambridge, Earl of Srathearn, Baron of Carrickfergus, Royal Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, b Please enter an approximate age of less than 120 and a four digit birth year using whole numbers only (e.g., 75 years old in 1834) By the late Georgian era, the Middleton family were established in the West Riding of Yorkshire as cultural and civic figures, particularly in the legal profession. The law firm Messrs Middleton & Sons was founded in Leeds in 1834 by gentleman farmer and solicitor William Middleton Esq. (1807-1884) of Gledhow Grange Estate.. William Middleton's descendants include his grandson Richard Noël. Kate's Middleton Heritage Family historians at Ancestry have traced Kate Middleton's ancestor back more than 250 years in England. (OK, that's still a long way from the Middle Ages, we know, but keep reading). Kate's 4 th great-grandfather, John Middleton, was christened on July 3, 1757 in the ancient parish of Warmfield, Yorkshire. His. 58817. Agnes Lumley. 58818. Ralph Eure (c1510-1544/45) 58819. Margery Bowes (-p1566) This ahnentafel chart for Catherine Middleton is currently limited to 16 generations. Pedigree charts and family group charts are not limited and will allow you to go beyond 16 generations

More on Kate Middleton's family tree today. There is great interest in my posts about Kate Middleton's family tree, particularly her shared line with Prince William, and her possible descent through Henry VIII. But just a few days away from the royal wedding, I think it's also worthwhile to look at her the ancestry of her mother, Carole Elizabeth Goldsmit Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, is married to Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and son of Princess Diana. The couple were married at Westminster Abbey on 29 April 2011 in what became a worldwide media event. Catherine was born at Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, Berkshire, England. She is the daughter of Michael Francis.

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  1. Kate Middleton is a non-aristocratic English rose. An untitled royal bride, she has a mix of middle and working class heritage, descended from a family of solicitors and landed gentry on her.
  2. Duchess Catherine is the eldest of three children. Her sister is Pippa Middleton. Duchess Catherine is of almost entirely English descent, along with 1/16th Scottish ancestry, and remote French roots (1/512th French) from a French ancestor who left France for England in the 1600s. Duchess Catherine has ancestors from Leeds and County Durham
  3. Kate Middleton. For a while now, we've been trying to find Jewish European royalty. It seemed plausible at first, but we soon realized that we're barking up the wrong tree. European kings must have had great genealogy researchers, but with a goal completely opposite from ours: I'm sorry, son, but you can't marry the lovely Rebecca, for her.
  4. Genealogy profile for Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. HRH Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge, GCVO (Catherine Elizabeth Kate; née Middleton; born 9 January 1982),is a member of the British royal family.Her husband, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, is second in line to become King of the United Kingdom and 15 other Commonwealth realms, making Catherine a likely future queen consort

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It's nonsense, said Doreen Berger, the chairman of the Jewish Genealogy Society (JGS). I have been researching Kate Middleton's ancestry since it looked like she was getting engaged to Prince William. I've looked back as far as it's possible to look back and she doesn't have a Jewish link at all — it's just not true. I. The ancestry of H.R.H. Prince George of Cambridge and his mother Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, including her descent from the Fairfax and Birch families. It includes the family connections to Prince George of genealogist Anthony Adolph and Guy Ritchie. Kate's younger brother James, 31 still seems to be searching for his true calling. After years of working with his family party planning business, the youngest Middleton struck out on his own Kate Middleton certainly has the hair of a Hollywood movie star - but it seems she may also have the genes.. After sifting through 700 years of records, geneology database Ancestry.com has.

4. James Middleton (Brother) And then there's Kate and Pippa's little brother James. The 33-year-old is an entrepreneur with a love for animals, especially dogs Kate Middleton's ancestry. So, the answer is, Kate is common. Kate's shared ancestry with Guy Ritchie (PDF) Still, Kate's genes do reveal a wide cross section of British history and geography.

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  1. Kate Middleton, Duchess Catherine of Cambridge, has an ancestor in Irish hero Brian Boru Getty images. Today, April 23, Kate Middleton, aka Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge, and her husband.
  2. Kate Middleton Ancestry Family And News. 5,021 likes · 8 talking about this. Society & Culture Websit
  3. Kate Middleton, a commoner who wed Prince William and will be officially known as Catherine the Dutchess of Cambridge, can help you get into the Related to Royals club, too. Her ancestors can be traced to Virginia, Massachusetts and Maryland. Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres is a 14th cousin twice removed
  4. Carole Elizabeth Middleton (Goldsmith) Birthdate: January 31, 1955. Birthplace: Perival Maternity Hospital, Perivale, Middlesex, UK. Immediate Family: Daughter of Ronald John James Goldsmith and Dorothy Goldsmith. Wife of Private and Michael Middleton. Mother of Private; Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge; Pippa Middleton and Private
  5. Middleton tied the knot with James Matthews in 2017 and the couple welcomed their first child together, Arthur Michael William Matthews, in October 2018. 4. James Middleton (Brother) And then there's Kate and Pippa's little brother James. The 33-year-old is an entrepreneur with a love for animals, especially dogs
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  7. Catherine Elizabeth Middleton Kate. Catherine Elizabeth Middleton. Kate. Print Family Tree. ( Catherine Elizabeth Middleton) Duchess. Born 9 January 1982 - Reading, Berkshire, England. Age: 39 years old

Kate Middleton's Ancestry Is Stranger Than Fiction. To the hopeless romantics among us, Kate Middleton's fairytale marriage to Prince William sounds as though it belongs between the pages of a novel - a Jane Austen novel, to be exact. Ancestry.com took a look into the new Duchess of Cambridge's (now known as Catherine) family. Kate Middleton's genealogy is fascinating. I'm getting ready for the royal wedding by reading up on her family tree. My husband thinks I'm crazy, but I love a good royal wedding. Yes, I watched Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Daniel Westling's wedding on the Web last summer. He's from the same province as my ancestors, so I was. In this Friday, Feb. 4, 2011 photo John Harrison, unseen, a relative of Kate Middleton, shows an image of Kate Middleton's great grandfather Tom, left, in Houghton Le Spring, England. She's not exactly a coal miner's daughter, but Kate Middleton has deep family roots in the grim coal pits of northern England Kate Middleton is often believed to be one of the few middle-class people to ever join the Royal Family. Let us take a look and see if that really is the case. In 2007, as speculation mounted (prematurely, as it transpired), that Prince William would propose to his long-term girlfriend, Catherine Middleton, the press hummed with breathless. Below on this page we have provided complete family tree of Kate Middleton. The Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge was born on January 9, 1982 to Carole Goldsmith and Michael Middleton. Kate was studying at the University of St Andrews when she first met her future husband Prince William in 2001

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The Lupton ancestry of Kate's great-grandmother also provides her with a claim to royal descent. Following a typically labyrinthine trail back across the centuries, Ms. Middleton's fourteenth generation (14xg-) great-grandmother, who lived in the early 16 th century, was one Anne Gascoigne Fairfax From coal mines to royalty: Kate Middleton's ancestry. She's not exactly a coal miner's daughter, but Kate Middleton has deep family roots in the grim coal pits of northern England. Middleton has. It is a sensation!: The relations between the British royal family and Hemer to grow. An American royal expert needle has discovered that an ancestor of Kate Middleton,who will marry Prince William on 29 April comes from Hemer. Marlene Eilers Koenig has written several books about the British royal family, including Queen Victoria's Descendants.

From coal mines to royalty: Kate Middleton's ancestry. She's not exactly a coal miner's daughter, but Kate Middleton has deep family roots in the grim coal pits of northern England. According to the New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston, which has published a book on Kate's ancestry, Kate Middleton is the eighth cousin seven times removed of George Washington. Before you try to wrap your head around that math, here's some helpful info: Their common ancestor was a man named Sir William Gascoigne, who died way. Indeed, when Meghan Markle was first linked with Harry, she looked much like her future sister-in-law, Kate Middleton - and I, like many people, did not know that Meghan had any Black ancestry. by whom she had issue: (1) Arthuir mac Aidan, High King and Guletic, d. 603, who married Gwenhwyfar de Bretagne. (2) Eochaid Buide, King of Scots Dalriada who ruled 608 - 630, ancestor of Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, who married 29 April 2011 Prince William Windsor. Posted by Mark Shernick at 9:37 AM It's nonsense, said Doreen Berger, the chairman of the Jewish Genealogy Society (JGS). I have been researching Kate Middleton's ancestry since it looked like she was getting engaged.

Catherine (Kate) Elizabeth Middleton was born on January 9, 1982 in Reading, England. Her parents are Carole and Michael Middleton and she has two younger siblings: Philippa and James. Middleton's parents founded Party Pieces, a mail order company that sells party supplies and decorations and the company has made the family millionaires. Kate is most famous for dating, and recently becoming. Royal wedding: Prince William 'has Middleton ancestry'. A heritage consultant who was trying to establish if Kate Middleton had Scottish roots has found an ancestral link to Prince William instead. In case you didn't know, today is the 30th birthday of Kate Middleton and we couldn't think of a better way to honor the occasion than by sharing her fascinating family history and tree. Kate's family history - contrary to her now relatively opulent lifestyle - is one that many of us can attest to in our family trees The Royal Ancestry of Meghan Markle. Rachel Meghan Markle, the new fiancée of Prince Harry, has much New England ancestry and millions of American cousins. Her father, Thomas Wayne Markle, through New Hampshire great-grandparents named Ellsworth and Merrill, has colonial ancestors in common with eight presidents - George W. Bush, George H.W.

Kate Middleton's Transformation from College Commoner to Future Queen. Kate Middleton has been the Duchess of Cambridge and married to the second in line to the British throne for nearly a decade. Kate's mother is Carol Middleton, daughter of Ronald Goldsmith and Dorothy Harrison (both Jews) The parents of Dorothy Harrison are Robert Harrison and Elizabeth Temple (both Jews), the latter a descendant of the Myers family (traditional English Jews in the 19th century George Middleton 1544 Silksworth, Durham, England managed by Steven Ringer. Delilah (Middleton) Hubbell 14 Aug 1812 North Carolina, United States - 01 Feb 1907 managed by Connie Boyd last edited 29 May 2021. John Middleton 1673 Piscataway, Prince George's County, Maryland - abt 1754 managed by Bill Vincent Genealogy experts expect William and Kate's wedding will boost marriage rates in Britain, as was the case in 1947 with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. Nuptials jumped 35 percent that year Kate Middleton, Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge, married Britain's Prince William in 2011 at Westminster Abbey. She is the mother to Prince George, the third in line to the throne.

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Aug 20, 2018 9:55pm. By Jonah Waterhouse. (16 images) Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (or Kate Middleton) is one of the most well-known women in the world, and it's becoming harder to remember a time when she wasn't. But before she wed Prince William at Westminster Abbey in 2011, the Duchess was an Art History graduate, businesswoman, and. Middleton, Shmiddleton. Britain's new royal heir is not a Jew Despite the claims of dubious experts, unnamed Sephardi rabbis, and an Iranian news agency, Prince George will not be England's. Royal Family history: King George III was the first Hanoverian monarch (Image: GETTY) The House of Windsor emerged from the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha in the early 20th century, under Victoria's children, who were members of this branch via her German husband, Prince Regent Albert Pippa is of almost entirely English descent, along with 1/16th Scottish ancestry, and remote French roots (1/512th French) from a French ancestor who left France for England in the 1600s. Pippa has ancestors from Leeds and County Durham. Pippa's paternal grandfather was Peter Francis Middleton (the son of Richard Noel Middleton and Olive.

The Queen, Princess Eugenie, Kate Middleton, Prince William and more of the royals' favourite tipples unveiled 1 /8 After months of lockdown restrictions, the British public is finally able to. When the Royal Wedding uniting Kate Middleton and Prince William was announced, genealogy sleuths got to work. At first, the buzz indicated that Kate's mother, Carole Goldsmith (maiden name), had Jewish ancestry Since the Duchess (the former Kate Middleton) married into the Royal family, much has been made of her humble roots, with coal miners, a road sweeper and even a prisoner among her ancestors

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  1. OUR KATE Ancestry of Kate Middleton From Hetton Coal Mining Family to Royal Family Married Catherine Elizabeth Kate MIDDLETON 29.04.2011 b. Royal Berkshire Hospital Reading, 9th Jan. 198
  2. Even Kate Middleton has had feelings of unease while walking alone at night, which is why the duchess decided to pay a private visit to Everard's memorial in Clapham Common on Saturday. She.
  3. Most fans of Kate Middleton and Prince William probably know that the pair first met while studying at the University of St. Andrews. However, according to the biography Kate: The Future Queen, by Katie Nicholl, Kate actually came across William when she was still a schoolgirl when William was 9 years old.Apparently, her school welcomed William's school for a hockey game
  4. Princess Diana. Jew Score: 4. I 0. O 1. K 3. July 1, 1961 - August 31, 1997. Earlier this year, Kate Middleton hysteria swept through our little website. You see, Miss Middleton, who is a rather fine-looking woman, was marrying a rather wealthy Englishman, and the Internet was awash with Kate is Jewish rumors

The first part of the book was Kate Middleton's ancestry, and though it was sometimes hard to keep all the names straight, it gave an interesting overview of English history from the point of view of ordinary people (coal mines, diseases, world wars, etc). The second half was mostly Kate's life, and the last bit more about Kate's social life Middleton. (1873 - 1928) Photos: 14. Records: 131. Born in Morpeth, New South Wales on 15 11 1873 to Osman Edward Middleton and Eliza George Stein. Rose Evelyn Middleton married Ernest Grenfell Broughton and had 3 children. She passed away on 1928 in Young, N S W, Australia Kate Middleton's $399 checkered coat is the perfect look for fall - get the royal's collegiate look for less. The Duchess of Cambridge looked polished and ready for a day on campus. Prince George, Princess Charlotte & Prince Louis Speak Out for the First Time! See Their Adorable Video

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They had three children, the eldest being Kate Middleton, set to marry Prince William on 29 Apr. In 1987, Carole and Michael started a mail-order business selling party supplies, which they still run. Primary Sources for 3. England & Wales, Marriage Index: 1916-2005: Carole Goldsmith to Middleton, Chiltern and Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshir Royal bride to be Kate Middleton has family connections to US founding father George Washington. Researchers from the New England Historic Genealogical Society have traced Ms Middleton's family.

Catherine has a sister, Philippa Charlotte, known as Pippa (born 1983), and a brother, James Middleton (born 1987). The Middleton ancestry is as follows: 1 Catherine Elizabeth (Kate) Middleton, b. Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading, 9 Jan. 1982 She is the daughter of: 2 Michael Francis Middleton, b Mar 03, 2020. Kate Middleton, Duchess Catherine of Cambridge, has been found to have Irish roots by BBC genealogists. Getty. BBC's Who Do You Think You Are genealogists unearthed the fact that. Biographer traces Kate Middleton's ancestry to Holloway Prison - Telegraph Kate Middleton nicknamed Princess in waiting at school now she's Queen of style | Mail Online 05-01-2011, 12:54 PM #26: Fading Light. Seldom able to stop by lately. Lifetime Friend of Stormfront Sustaining Member . Join Date: Nov 2010. The Ancestry of Catherine Middleton. (New England Historic Genealogical Society, April 2011) citing The Suffolk Bartholomeans: A Memoir of the Ministerial and Domestic History of John Meadows . Posted by Mark Shernick a

Kate Middleton's Secret Confirmation: How Religious Is the Future Princess? Time. What is Confirmation. Church of England. Ancestry of the Duchess of Cambridge. Wargs. Thomas Davis (clergyman). Wikipedia. 10 Things Kate Middleton Can't Do After the Wedding on sylvs' Blog. Buzznet Kate Middleton, seen in this Dec. 15, 2006 file photo, is to marry Britain's Prince William in 2011, according to an announcement by Clarence House in London, Tuesday Nov. 16, 2010 Catherine Elizabeth Kate Middleton (born 9 January 1982 (birth time source: Natalie Delahaye) is the fiancée of Prince William of Wales. Since their relationship began, Middleton has received widespread media attention and there has been constant speculation that they would eventually marry. On 16 November 2010, the office of the Prince of.

The EOS 5D is one of the compatible cameras listed for the lens, so there's a high chance that this was the camera she used for her Holocaust Survivors series. The EOS 5D retails for £2,799 on. Catherine Elizabeth MIDDLETON. (Kate); Duchess of CAMBRIDGE. Born: Reading 198 This hard-nosed figure was, however, a gentleman; which will come as a timely snub to those critics of Kate Middleton who dismiss her antecedents as being working-class and - extraordinary in this day and age - therefore deem her unsuitable as a future princess. So Kate may be relieved to learn of her posh ancestor Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge comes from a branch of a Middleton family. The Duchess 's parents, Michael and Carole Middleton, whose wealth derives from their business in the field of party decoration, were highlighted in the world media in the period leading up to the marriage of their eldest daughter to Prince William of Cambridge.In addition, as a result of the worldwide exposure of the.

The Ancestry of Catherine Middleton. The publication The Ancestry of Catherine Middleton has just been released by the New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston. The genealogy's author is the late genealogist William Addams Reitwiesner, while Christopher Challender Child has edited it. The foreword is written by Gary Boyd Roberts Kate Middleton was allegedly mortified over allegations that she made Meghan Markle cry ahead of the former American actress's 2018 royal wedding to Prince Harry. On March 7, CBS aired a two. Soon-to-be princess Kate Middleton has a few prominent Marylanders — and American celebrities — in her family tree. But they do share some of the same ancestry. Middleton's ancestor Alicia. Kate Middleton-Biography & Personal life. The family of Kate Middleton is not from a noble circle. The parents of the duchess are ordinary people from the most ordinary families. Kate's father came from a middle class of workers, and his mother was a native of a family of coal miners. Parents met in the sky, as both worked on the same airline.

Kate Middleton is expected to marry into one of the most illustrious family lines in the world, but research into Prince William's girlfriend's own ancestry has uncovered less auspicious origins Kate Middleton shares traits in common with Austen heroines—and a distant relative with Austen herself. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife. So said Jane Austen in her famous novel Pride and Prejudice. And now, as the royal couple settle down into.

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Royal wedding: Prince William 'has Middleton ancestry'. A heritage consultant who was trying to establish if Kate Middleton had Scottish roots has found an ancestral link to Prince William instead. The MIDDLETON surname, means the middle part of a 'TON' - TON being a corruption of 'TUN' meaning an area of land commonly that of a farm. Therefore, it can easily be concluded that Middleton is merely a locational place name for the 2nd or middle farm of a particular area. As mere examples, Upperton would be the uppermost farm and Netherton. Hickmott Middleton Connection. Various public sources tell us that Catherine Elizabeth ('Kate') Middleton, now Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge, descends from John Goldsmith (1827-88), a labourer who was born at Maidstone in Kent, and his wife Hester or Esther Jones (1832-85). John and Esther were married at Hoxton in the county of.

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In recent weeks, a news story has been making the rounds of all my favorite Jane Austen blogs (I am a huge Jane Austen fan) about the Duchess of Cambridge's distant relation to Jane Austen. They are eleventh cousins, six times removed. According to Anastasia Harman, a researcher at Ancestry.com, their connection comes from a distant shared ancestor, Henry Percy, who died in 1455 Kate Middleton and Jane Austen Are Related, Historian Reveals. The famed English novelist is the Duchess's distant cousin, according to Ancestry.com. Jane Austen wrote the ultimate fairy tales.

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Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have a complicated relationship. Getty Images (Page Six Composite) It was a really hard week of the wedding and she was upset about something, but she owned it. Details at my blog The first part of the book was Kate Middleton's ancestry, and though it was sometimes hard to keep all the names straight, it gave an interesting overview of English history from the point of view of ordinary people (coal mines, diseases, world wars, etc). The second half was mostly Kate's life, and the last bit more about Kate's social life Before Kate Middleton delivers the royal baby, there might be some clues on what she and Prince William will name it.. At least, that's what researchers at family history website Ancestry.co.uk. Kate Middleton took the wheel on her 38th birthday.. The royal mom was spotted arriving at her Kensington Palace home on Thursday, driving herself and wearing a green puffer jacket Born in 19 May 1889 and died in 11 May 1949 Birmingham, Alabama Sallie Kate Middleton Trammel

Feb 13, 2020 - Explore Royal Genealogy's board Kate ~ Expecting George, followed by 1020 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about kate, duchess kate, kate middleton Browse 152,575 kate middleton stock photos and images available or search for kate middleton 2020 or kate middleton prince charles to find more great stock photos and pictures. Showing Editorial results for kate middleton. Search instead in Creative? In this screengrab, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, Prince. May 17, 2021 - 10:09 BST Bridie Wilkins. Kate Middleton's brother James Middleton and his fiancée Alizée Thevenet live in London but have bought a new home in the country. James Middleton and. Kate Middleton Seeks To Make Mental Health Part Of School Curriculum. In addition, Middleton expressed her belief that mental health awareness should be part of the educational curriculum in schools. During her discussion with the family whose 12-year-old son sought help from Shout, Kate listened to the young man's story Kate Middleton's Middleton ancestry. Mark Middleton 4/09/11. Re: Kate Middleton's Middleton ancestry. Nancy 4/25/11. Re: Kate Middleton's Middleton ancestry. Eleanor Edmondson 4/29/11. William Middleton 1740. Russell Middleton 3/20/11. Re: William Middleton 1740. Pat Westerfield 3/25/11

Us Weekly reports that Prince George may soon find himself attending a boarding school if Prince William and Kate Middleton are in agreeance. Sources tell the outlet that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge aren't opposed to the idea, and are weighing their options when it comes to George's schooling Those were released yesterday. Today they dropped a music video featuring the full family - Will, Kate, Big G, Charlotte, and Louisand a dog!This is the true star of the movie, even though the cameo lasts maybe a second. It was confirmed in November 2020 that Lupo, Will and Kate's cocker spaniel, had died Prince George is growing up fast. Prince William and Kate Middleton's oldest child recently celebrated his eighth birthday and with his advancing age comes some big changes. George has recently learned that he's third in line to the throne, and will likely one day become king behind his grandfather and father. Royal expert Robert Lacey [ Kate Middleton, Prince William send birthday wishes to Meghan Markle Geo News; Royal Family's birthday tributes to Duchess Meghan IOL; Meghan Markle 40th birthday: Queen Elizabeth, Prince William & Kate Middleton send warm wishes to the Duchess PINKVILLA; Prince Harry and Megan could face a ludicrous legal battle over access to their children NBCNews.co Kate Middleton Is Dakota and Elle Fanning's Cousin 16-year-old actress is the Duchess of Cambridge's 21st cousin. By Alyssa Toomey May 27, According to Ancestry.com,.

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Hanukkah at Buckingham Palace! From the moment Prince William and Kate Middleton got engaged, a rumor ran happily through the Jewish blogosphere (and menacingly on many anti-Semitic websites): the couple's progeny, the heir to the British throne, would be Jewish! And then, on July 22, a son was born — a Son of Israel! Advertisement Of course she is not. No, she's not. I know another Goldsmith who is not Jewish. either way, this is the proof she is not: Kate Middleton's last traceable Goldsmith ancestor was a carpenter. Australia's oldest public library offers new fellowships for Aboriginal researchers to delve into their vast collection and explore family history. One of the 16 programs managed by the State Library of Victoria, the Victorian Aboriginal Family History Fellowship, alongside the Victorian Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Research Fellowship, is worth $ 15,000 each. CEO Kate Tony said

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Kate Middleton has a sweet new nickname inspired by her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana.. Diana, as any royal fan knows, was known as the People's Princess, thanks to her great connection with. You may have noticed that Kate Middleton tends to opt for a clutch bag, while the Queen favours a small black Launer handbag - both of which can be clutched in two hands. According to royal insiders, the reason Kate does this is to avoid awkward encounters with people who may try to shake her hand Kate Middleton | Facundo Arrizabalaga - Pool /Getty Images The presidents Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson are related to . The Princess of Wales and the Duchess of York are related to American politicians. CBS noted that Diana is a cousin of the 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush

British Royal Family Tree and Line of Succession: A FullKate Middleton and Her Sista Pippa: Photo 173321 | KateKate Middleton Photos Photos - Queen Elizabeth II and TheAre You Related to Prince William or Kate Middleton24 Celebrities You Never Knew Were Related