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Find What You Need At Booking.Com, The Biggest Travel Site In The World. Easy, Fast And Secure Booking With Instant Confirmation From all the research I have been doing for the past decade, here are a few ratios that I have found that are suitable room dimensions for recording, they are: 1 x 1.6 x 2.56 (famous golden ratio) - invented by the Greeks &.62 x 1 x 1.62 - sound engineers use this. H = Height of ceiling, W = Width of room, L = Length of room A 10 - 12′ ceiling height is good in a control room and the 17 or 18-foot width is wonderful. Even with splayed walls, right-angled walls for reflection management, the angled ceiling for reflection management, a diffused rear wall for reflection management, these are ideal control room dimensions So a good break point for room dimensions is 17′ wide, 10′ tall and 23′ long. So if your room size is below that, we're going to have to treat low frequency pressure differently than if it is above that and a little bit larger, which will mean concentrating on reverberation times

Good starting points we like to recommend when listening room dimensions can be chosen or adjusted are 17-foot width, 10-foot height and 23-foot length. Why did we pick those ratios? Because they minimize low-frequency pressure issues that need to be treated, and they also minimize reverberation time issues, which are reflection-based This is normally the answer you get from professionals when asked what the ideal room size for your recording studio should be. Then they may continue with, Preferably at least 16 X 20 feet for the studio. And for good measure some might add, and then for the recording booth... By now you're not even listening anymore Deciding which room to use for home studio recording can be a tricky matter. We want our choice to have the best acoustics so as to produce the best recording result. Unfortunately, there are many factors that played into how a room design can affect the way signals are recorded The ratio of the length to width to height will influence regardless of what you may put into the room. Equal dimensions are fatal. A 10' x 10' x 10' room is an anomaly that no audio person should experience. Likewise a repeating dimension, L 16' x W 10' x H 10' is not much better 3. Control Rooms - The Heart of the Studio 3.1 Room Ratios 3.2 Room Shapes 3.3 Control Room Acoustics 3.4 Design Considerations - It's Physics! 3.5 Problem Equipment and Furniture 4. Tracking Rooms 4.1 Room Ratios and Shapes for Tracking Music and Voice 4.2 Music Studio Isolation Needs 4.3 Tracking Room Acoustics 5. Music Recording Booths 6

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The text on the Room Calculator page, near the bottom, says rooms with curved walls or walls that meet at angles other than 90°.. Lose the right angles and flat walls and you will avoid a lot of frustration, plus save yourself a lot of money trying to solve room problems by buying new equipment Recording sessions in the control room with musicians spread about will require different speaker functionality than a single engineer mixing nearfield. Similarly, a main monitor system capable of 110dB at 30Hz requires a room acoustically designed to deal with potential modal issues at that frequency The ratio, named phi, of height to width to length of a room to achieve optimal sound in a room is approximately the width 1.6 times the height and the length 2.6 times the height, and was named for the Greek sculptor Phidias. In theory, minimal acoustic treatment should be needed in a room with dimension ratios that matched the formula One way to find out if your room has acceptable ratios is to measure the room in all its dimensions then try to divide each dimension by the others. So if you have a room that is 28' by 23' by 8', follow the process where 28/23=1.22, 28/8=3.5 and 23/8=2.88. The ratios of this room are 1 x 2.88 x 3.5 The application Phi gives superior results in acoustics. It is believed the Greeks used Golden Ratio to achieve the wonderful sound and ideal acoustics that Golden Proportion rooms have. Many cathedrals also use the Golden Section, in part, for the same reason. The Golden Section not only minimizes acoustic resonance, it also imparts a very [

For example, the Readerzone in SOS October 2001, featuring the home studio of Marco Mastrocola, had a studio computer and recording gear set up in one half of the large living room, while the upstairs box room was used as a vocal booth Tip 1: Room Size and Proportions. When choosing a room for use as a control room, whether it's a converted garage or basement room or some other room, you want as large a space as possible—try for at least 18 feet deep and 14 feet wide. You don't want a perfectly square room. Good room ratios can be easily researched, but the bottom line.

Optimum dimension ratios for studios, control rooms and listening rooms. R. Walker. where one of the room dimensions is an integer multiple of half the wavelength of the sound energy, result. The room ratio concept applies to both the control room and the live room. You treat the live room differently than the control room. Do some google searching on recording studio and control room acoustic design principals Features Articles • Plans & Info acoustic advice, Choosing the best room for your studio project, Do's and Don'ts of building a recording studio, Get a Bid, Guidance for planning your project, Important Considerations When Choosing Your Next Studio, Proper planning for a recording studio project, selecting correct room ratio for an audio.

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  1. But as the authors of Sound on Sound magazine's Studio SOS Book: Solutions and Techniques for the Project Recording Studio (another fine introduction to room acoustics, and more) note.
  2. To isolate a room such as a recording studio from low frequencies, the room within a room approach is often taken. A double wall structure can greatly reduce bass transmission. BASS TRAPS The damping of unwanted sounds is an important feature of recording studios. The bass frequencies are often troublesome because they diffract through small.
  3. Sep 21, 2014 - From all the research I have been doing for the past decade, here are a few ratios that I have found that are suitable room dimensions for recording, they are: 1 x 1.6 x 2.56 (famous golden ratio) - invented by the Greeks & .62 x 1 x 1.62 - sound engineers use this.
  4. Jul 7, 2020 - The thing I love about recording studios is that no 2 are alike. They are unique snowflakes. Here are some great shots of studio control rooms from around the world (some misc.). #newposts2019:. See more ideas about studio, recording studio, design

Über 7 Millionen englischsprachige Bücher. Jetzt versandkostenfrei bestellen Spacing out Diffusion and Absorption products on the walls (starting 30 - 36 off the ground) in approximately 1:4 ratio in favor of absorption will additionally enhance this while controlling reflections and also prevent the room from being echo-y or toobright. Spreading out absorption on the rest of the ceiling can be a.

STEP 1: Choose the Best Room. In an average household, you might have the option of 2-3 rooms to set up your studio. If you only have one optionthen just use that. Otherwise, you have a decision to make. And since some rooms are better for recording than others The so called Bolt-area indicates a accumulation of good room ratios. If the red cross lies within this area you have a good chance of more evenly distributed modes. sources: Bolt R.H.: Spatial Resonance and Standing Wave Patterns in Small Models of Various Shapes, JASA 10 (1939) Bolt R.H.: Frequency Distribution of Eigentones in a Three.

This article is focused on general positioning and design concepts for a home project studio used for mixing or mastering, although some concepts can be applied to a tracking room as well. Control rooms or mixing rooms should be symmetrical to ensure reflections are identical on the left and right sides Room Modes calculator. Room Length: (feet or meters) (inches) Room Width: (feet or meters) (inches) Room Height: (feet or meters) (inches) OPTIONS: show frequencies less than : hz: integer ranges: are unknown until compute. The goal of building a home recording studio is to get a good quality sound. This is it. There is no other reason to build a recording studio at home. Unless, of course, you want to sound cool telling other people how much money you spent on building a room - within-the-room recording studio Use our Room Acoustics Visualizer to enhance shopping for acoustic treatments for your space. We are excited to announce that you can now use the entire line of GIK Acoustics acoustic treatments products within a virtual environment. Build your own room OR pick one of our pre-planned rooms, and choose any color, shape, or pattern, and place your panels around the room Whether you are setting up a home recording studio, or need a recording booth for a professional studio environment, we have 26 different-sized recording booths to choose from. Our single-wall recording booths work fantastic for home studios and our double-wall designs offer the best sound isolation available

Hamish Dickinson & Phoenix Sound provides a personal, individually tailored recording experience for musicians and businesses in a beautiful purpose-built studio in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. Hamish works one-on-one with bands and artists across different genres, producing their albums and E.P.s, from first recording, through mixing and mastering, to the final product The studio is located on the same property as my residence and was built in late 2009. I designed it as a single room studio because that gave me the largest space for recording drums, but also because I've always liked recordings that were live off the floor and the whole band played together Recording Studio Platinum Room Recorders Connecticut's Premier recording Facility Located and Nestled in downtown Bridgeport. Want to Mix your own sounds from the comfort and convenience of a professional Recording Studio? Reserve your next Mixing session with us and get access to all of our state-of-the-art equipment and studio space

1033 Recording Studios. $85/hr with Engineer + Lounge/Game Room. Open today until 10:00 PM. Make Appointment. Call (678) 863-4999 Get directions WhatsApp (678) 863-4999 Message (678) 863-4999 Contact Us Get Quote Find Table Place Order View Menu Studio providing recording, mixing, and mastering services located in the heart of New York City's financial district. Engine Room Audio Recording, Mixing, Mastering Studio| New York City, Manhatta

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Set up a table or desk on which to organize your equipment. Bring at least one table or desk into your recording studio room and set it up. Place all your equipment (computer and accessories, studio monitors, audio interface) on the table or desk, in the configuration you want. Attach all the cables for these items The most appropriate reverberation time depends on the use of the room. Times about 1.5 to 2 seconds are needed for opera theaters and concert halls. For broadcasting and recording studios and conference rooms, values under one second are frequently used. The recommended reverberation time is always a function of the volume of the room Watch as Weezna gives a full tour of the control room in his recording studio. This video shows all of the gear, hardware, lighting, acoustic treatment, and.

The Room Recording Studios Los Angeles. Menu... Home; Booking at The Room; Cart; Checkout; Join the Tea Studio A sports a diverse selection of microphone preamps and a comprehensive collection of outboard gear to cover any situation. Recording platforms include ProTools (HD), 2' Tape (Ampex Mm1200) and Radar24. The control room is surrounded by a spacious live room and three isolation booths, ready for very complex sessions Here at Lava Room Recording, it's our goal to be the best recording studio in Ohio for your audio, voice-over, sound engineering and other production needs. Since our founding in 2003, we've grown into a recording studio business that specializes in recording, mixing and mastering all types of music and voice-overs The Rye Room is a full service recording studio owned and operated by engineer/producer Matt Greco, located in Portland, Oregon. Serving Portland, Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, The Rye Room provides musicians with a recording experience tailored to each individual or group. Every band or artist brings unique elements into their music

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Home Voice Over Recording Studio Remember your voice is the signal part of that signal to noise ratio. So it should be a good solid sound. The other big complaint I get from clients concerning home recordings is ROOM AMBIENCE in the recording. Room ambience is a fancy audio term for that room echo that most rooms have--think. Important recording studios are more than just bricks, mortar, and audio equipment to musicians. The Rolling Stones named a song in honor of the Chess Records Studio and Sonic Youth acknowledged.

Recording. Live room and on site recording available. Large selection of microphones and outboard gear. Mixing. We will take your audio files and balance, equalize and compress them through analog and digital gear into a polished mix you will be proud of. Mastering When setting up a home recording studio for music production, podcasting, or other kinds of audio work, there's one important thing that you'll need to prioritize: soundproofing.You can get the most expensive recording gear in the market and your audience would still be able to tell if you recorded in an environment that's not conducive for working with sound

Recording Studio Floor Materials Wood Floors. Wood flooring is a popular look at the moment in general. People are rushing to pull up carpet and save the original hardwood floors underneath, favoring the natural look. Many pros favor the sound of hardwood floors in recording studios. The floors are relatively thick and heavy This website contains learning resources for school science including acoustic demos, revision material for physics A-level, high speed video and animations about sound. Sound waves : A-level physics revision resources on acoustics and waves Lesson starters for key stage 3 and 4 Acoustic Activities: Sound demos for fairs, shows and classrooms, plus hands-on activities for science club Recording Home Studio Court Room in Session Ceiling, Desk, or Flat to the Wall Mount Acrylic Lighted Edge Lit Sign Light Up Plaque Mirr 11-21 15-30 Leds 9 Foot Cord Made in the USA 10325 1363. 4.6 out of 5 stars 7. $49.50 $ 49. 50. $9.50 shipping. On Air Recording Studio Music Banner Hot Media LED Light Neon Sign 140017r The 2 Categories. The two umbrella categories of bass traps commonly used in the studio are: Porous Absorbers - that work using a dense material such as foam to absorb sound waves. Resonant Absorbers - that work using a diaphragm to absorb specific bass frequencies through sympathetic vibration. Now let's learn more about each type.

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1809 Cave Street Redlands, CA, 92374 United States. 9095574281. room9recording@gmail.com. Recording, Mixing, and Mastering. 909-557 4281 Redlands C We'll advise about creating a music studio first, and then a video and still photography studio. An ideal recording studio is large and provides plenty of room for musicians, instruments, recording equipment and other gear. Make sure there's room for you and whoever else is coming to record or mix music to sit, lounge and be comfortable

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  1. Microphone Isolation Shield Black Foldable with 3/8in Mic Threaded Mount,High Density Absorbing Foam Professional Studio Recording Equipment for Sound Booth Suitable for Blue Yeti Mic. $45.99. $45. . 99. $8.00 coupon applied at checkout. Save $8.00 with coupon. Get it as soon as Fri, Jul 9
  2. Specialties: A boutique recording experience between the whiskey & the roxy on the world famous Sunset strip. Studio tuned by legendary Bob Hodas. Since 1993 Bob Hodas has traveled the world tuning well over 1000 rooms. His work has taken him from Tokyo, for Sony Music Entertainment, to London for Abbey Road Mastering. The vibe and aesthetics alone puts you in a creative space with the feeling.
  3. HONG KONG'S PREMIER RECORDING STUDIO . HELPING ARTISTS SINCE 2017. THE RECORD ROOM is a state of the art recording studio offering mixing and recording services for Hip-Hop & Electronic music. Hosting a portfolio of international and local clients, THE RECORD ROOM is the pinnacle for mixing and audio engineering
  4. The Palms Casino Resort is home to a multi-room World Class Recording Studio. The Studio at The Palms provides a unparalleled level of technical sophistication and client comfort. The 2006 TEC Award winning facility includes a large tracking and mixing room (Studio X) boasting a Neve VRP-72 and full 5.1 Griffin G1A Main monitors
  5. REC Room Recording is a recording studio located in the heart of downtown Lafayette, Indiana within the Tippecanoe Arts Federation (TAF), and is affiliated with the Songwriters Association of Mid-North Indiana

Designer private recording studios & live room with spacious lounge and full kitchen in the heart of Chelsea. New York. Our New York studio is located at 130 W 29th St, 6th Floor in the heart of Chels ea. We have 5 full-service studios, as well as a brand new live room equipped with a baby grand piano and full drum set to accommodate any. Specialties: Gold Ink NYC is a music servicing company that offers an impressive array of music production, songwriting, and recording services at affordable rates. Our staff include producers, songwriters, photographers, videographer, and studio engineers who are there to support you in crafting your music. Speak with us today to see how we can make your musical dreams a reality.. This is. Browse 1,795 recording studio room stock photos and images available, or search for recording studio no people or microphone to find more great stock photos and pictures. Keyboard player and two singers make a recording in a bedroom studio, circa 1985. Abbey Road Studios, St John's Wood, Westminster, London, 2018 The Tone Room Recording Studio. 281 likes · 1 talking about this. A state of the art recording studio in the heart of middle Tennessee. Owner/CEO - Adam Mars 6dB Studios Ltd is a purpose-built recording studio and post production facility in York, UK. Situated a mere five minutes drive from the centre of this beautifully historic city. Owner Dave Boothroyd has worked hard to develop a versatile, friendly and superb sounding recording studio. Boasting a carefully selected collection of microphones.

The Recording Room. 116 likes · 1 talking about this. Providing professional recording and audio mixing services to the Wakatipu Basin and New Zealand Recording Studios are great for: Rehearsing for class presentations. Presenting research papers, thesis or dissertation defenses. Creating videos for online instruction. Creating ePortfolio materials or video essays. Recording mock interviews or patient interactions. Green screen effects. Podcasting Moose Room Recording Studio, Guadalajara (México). 495 likes · 27 were here. Estudio de grabación, mezcla y producción musica

Studio. KSDT Studios is comprised of a rehearsal space that doubles as a studio room, and a control room that houses professional studio-quality equipment and the capability to record in capacities ranging from simple podcasts to 6-piece live bands, as well as track-by-track recording. Applications for entry into the studio are posted below Golden Impala Recording studio on Beverly Blvd with a great vibe. With sound engineer $54/hour including recording/mixing/mastering. Book your session through our. Recording while monitoring with speakers in the same room?: I posted a thread a week or so ago about monitors and the responses have helped me make the decision to go buy a quality pair later today. My question is this: how does recording and monitoring at the same time work? when I'm singing over tracks (harmonies etc) won't the mic pick up feedback from the speakers Country music industry veteran Dale Morris has sold for $3 million the Midtown property that formerly housed his legendary recording studio The Tracking Room. The new owner is an LLC affiliated. I have a home studio semi-treated room for reflections iMac 13.6 Cubase 10 Pro Focusrite 18i20 and a CM25 microphone. I do voice overs and wish to know if recording dry is best or recording with some sort of equalization

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A basic room conversion can start at $1000-$1500, whereas a top-end studio build will see your budget into the millions and beyond. For a newbie engineer, this is confusing at best. This guide will show you how to build a studio recording space; from a basic room conversion to a professional studio While a home music room may not have the demands of a professional recording studio, many spaces can benefit from the sound isolation and acoustic treatment applied to rooms designed for playing. Most people confuse soundproofing a room with another aspect of studio recording, mainly because the term for this other aspect is far more obscure, even though we see it all around us all of the time. This term is 'acoustic treatment,' and there's a critical difference between treating your acoustic environment and soundproofing your room How to build a home recording studio? 1. Room Selection. The first thing we need is a room where your gears will be set up. Keep in mind that the room's nature also plays an important role when you are setting up a recording studio Together with selecting the right flooring, there are a few other things you need to give importance to as far as your studio room is concerned. Size. The bigger your room, the better will it be able to accommodate your recording and music equipment. You will always enjoy better quality recording in a large room that also has a high ceiling

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Soundproofing makes your room quieter, by blocking-out external noise, while Acoustic Treatment makes your room sound better on a recording, by absorbing excessive ambience. And ideally, any recording studio should use a combination of BOTH To isolate a room such as a recording studio from low frequencies, the room within a room approach is often taken. A double wall structure can greatly reduce bass transmission. BASS TRAPS The damping of unwanted sounds is an important feature of recording studios. The bass frequencies are often troublesome because they diffract through small. If you want a home recording studio package that steps up the quality without the price increase, you'll love the Tascam TrackPack 2×2. It's a budget-friendly upgrade option that provides all of the core equipment for a studio for recording. The audio interface gives you a pair of combo inputs, with up to 57 decibel (dB) of gain on tap Music Room / Recording Studio 03:18. Music Room / Recording Studio 03:18. An '80s rec room recording studio gets a state-of-the-art transformation. From: Room Crashers with Glamorous Music Lounge. Similar Topics: Accessories Art Remodeling Renovation. prev The problem with home studios . Turning a spare room into a recording space is one of the most satisfying endeavors a musician can undertake. A nice sounding room allows the creative process to manifest itself and in no time, it becomes an oasis that enables one to hone the craft of recording

e.) Make sure you correctly arranged the studio monitors; it should form an equilateral triangle with the mixing position (to where you will sit to listen to the mix). Read more details about this in home studio room acoustic setup. f.) Download this test tone and unzip it. It is a 24-bit/48KHz mono test tone that will play from 20Hz to 20,000Hz Today, the amazing power and low cost of digital technology has transitioned most recording projects out of the large studio into smaller spaces and homes. Once all the gear is set up and the first recordings are undertaken, the stark reality comes to light: What seems to sound good at home sounds terrible in the car and on your friends' hi. In a classic bedroom studio, everything happens in one room: songwriting, recording, mixing, and mastering. That's a cozy setup, if not exactly ideal in terms of room acoustics. Yet with some simple optimizations, you can improve your room acoustics drastically Choosing a Recording Studio & Producer | What to Look for in a Recording Studio. When starting as a musician, you need to make sure you have well-recorded and well-produced music to release to your audience. Choosing the right recording studios and producer is the best way to do this. Recording Studios and Producers I am renovating my basement into a live room recording studio, for classical chamber music, instrumental and vocal. The rectangular room size is 10 ft. by 27 ft. The room is only 7 ft. high. The control room is isolated and off to the side, already very dead. I will be hanging curtains as you suggest, in order to have some flexibility in the.

A professional recording studio has a control room, a large live room, and one or more small isolation booths. All rooms are soundproofed such as with double-layer walls with dead space and insulation in-between the two walls, forming a room-within-a-room. There are variations of the same concept, including a portable standalone isolation booth. Soundproofing is going to depend on the size of the room. For a home studio, you could be looking at approximately $2000. Our friends over at Adorama have some great tips on how to soundproof a recording studio to a high standard! Overview. As you can see, a home studio could cost just a couple thousand in terms of set up and the equipment you. The Boiler Room Studio is a vocal recording, mixing and mastering studio aimed at capturing your natural sound. . Contact us to set up a time for your Recording session today! Looking to bring your recordings to life? Book your Mixing session at The Boiler Room Studio and work with our experienced engineer to realize your unique sound Rec Room Recording Studio is run by Chicago based recording engineer Eric Block. With spacious and acoustically balanced rooms, it is well suited for bands, singer/songwriter types, as well as Voice Over work. Gear wise, Rec Room Studios features many analog classics from the golden age of recordings studios, as well as the best i Recording Studio. Recording Studio is a multitouch sequencer for Windows devices. Designed for quick and simple operation, Recording Studio makes recording, editing and mixing a breeze. Recording Studio is the perfect way to create great sounding music productions. With this free version you can record up to 4 tracks (32 tracks with the Pro.

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You've come to the right place for studio recording equipment - Sweetwater began as a recording studio, and here you'll find the latest professional audio gear plus expertise you can count on. We stake our reputation on it - from expert pre-sales advice to our free 2-year Total Confidence Coverage warranty, our goal is to help you get the right. Sound City Studios, a recording studio in Los Angeles notable for its history with major musical acts such as Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, and Nirvana, closed its commercial operations in 2011. In total, the number of recording studios in the United States fell from 1,700 establishments in 2007 to 1,438 in 2016 — a 15.4% drop Say the word haaaa! shortly, from your chest, and with a bit of gravitas; hear how the room reacts to your voice. Walk about each room and note positions that sound the best. Take the top three contenders, and set up your recording device—say a. Spire Studio. , for instance—in those very positions within those very same rooms

The tracking room is where the fun stuff happens in our Virginia Beach recording studio! The tracking room is where the artists setup to record their music. You'll setup your instruments and get the big portion of your project taken care of. After the work you put in there,. Choosing a Room for Your Home Recording Studio. An ideal room for a recording studio is one that is big. The bigger the better. This allows for more room for gear and musicians, but a bigger room also provides you with better sound. Not only should you choose a big room, but you should also choose one that is quiet Dwelling Room Studios - recording facility in Cleveland, TN featuring the best of analog and modern technology. Lodging, choir capabilities, Solid State Logic C200 Mixing Console from Oxford, England, Pro Tools HDX system, custom acoustic treatments including Overtone Acoustic Panels, Bass Traps, & Sound Diffusers

Must-Have Home Recording Studio Equipment | DIY Music Room. You just need to know which home recording studio equipment you need to acquire first as soon as you get your studio running. Start with the basic and important components to get your home recording studio up and running. Check out the list below and make sure to get the best quality. That means the room is poorly suited to recording and mixing, and the sound you record or hear in the room is going to be tainted with artifacts that are extremely difficult (or even impossible) to fix after the fact. Professional studios spend thousands of dollars attempting to deaden and treat the environment, but luckily, with the right. the ssl room Studio A (The SSL Room) is a highly accurate mix suite and has been the site of multiple Grammy-winning mixes over the years, with over 900 sq ft of floor space Studio A's control room offers incredible acoustic isolation with great lines of sight for easy visual communication. One iso booth and one live room provide ideal conditions for vocal recording, ADR, acoustic and electric. 9 reviews of The Room Studios Melrose I used this studio this week because I needed some good mixing and mastering for a demo song I recorded at home. The engineers at the studio delivered amazingly. But now that I looked at their equipment first hand, I'm gonna record anything I need (specially vocals) in there. I recommend it. Thanks The Room! A Room With A View Studios is a complete recording facility providing Recording, Mixing, Mastering, and CD label graphics. 25 years of professional experience in a friendly, upbeat and supportive environment. The studio has 2 live rooms, Vocal booth, with many spaces for amp isolation

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Tupac, Prin ce, Sting and others recorded music at this space. 1st Floor Live Recording Studio 44 x 35 Dance Studio Dimensions 44 x 35 Great Sound System Recording Studio Music Talent Lounge Control Room Recording Booth Conference.. The Tommirock Recording Studio is a state of the art facility located on Hunter St in the heart of Newcastle's CBD. The studio consists of a main control room, two isolated vocal booths, live drum room and two mixing suites, Featuring a wide collection of vintage, modern, analogue and digital mics, outboard gear and instruments all available for client use The quality of this room alone would win Red Gate Recorders props for the best music recording space in Los Angeles. The room features 15 XLR inputs, 1 guitar tie, and 1 speaker send. Bring your entire band and fill up this room to track, lay down some booming drums, or even shoot a solo live performance video here, this room is ready to create. The Recording Studio is a location from Chapter 2 of Bendy and the Ink Machine. 1 Background 2 Gameplay 2.1 Bendy and the Ink Machine 2.1.1 Chapter 2: The Old Song 3 Trivia 4 Map The recording studio serves as an area to house the band performing the background score for the Bendy cartoons. The room consists of multiple chairs, a couple of stands with music sheets on them, and various.